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air conditioning in the car.


Discover premium automotive cooling solutions by Duncan Automatic Transmission Ltd. Our cutting-edge cooling systems are engineered to optimize vehicle performance and ensure efficient temperature regulation. 


Our cooling system in Duncan integrates advanced technologies to enhance heat dissipation, prevent overheating, and safeguard crucial engine components. With a commitment to excellence, Duncan Automatic Transmission Ltd delivers top-quality products. Trust in our expertise and experience the difference a well-maintained cooling system can make for your vehicle. Visit us today and explore our range of products for your cooling system repair.

radiator reservoir tank car engine coolant anti-coolant and anti-freeze


Our professionals are committed to ensuring your vehicle's optimal performance through specialized cooling system services.


  • Radiator repair and replacement:
    Our experts excel in diagnosing and addressing issues with radiators. From minor leaks to more complex problems, we employ advanced techniques to repair or replace radiators, ensuring efficient heat dissipation and preventing potential engine damage.

  • Coolant flush and refill:
    A routine coolant flush is essential for maintaining the health of your cooling system. Our service includes a thorough flush of old coolant, eliminating contaminants and replenishing the system with high-quality coolant to enhance its cooling efficiency.

  • Thermostat replacement:
    A malfunctioning thermostat can disrupt the temperature regulation of your engine. Our technicians will assess and replace your thermostat, ensuring that your engine operates at the optimal temperature for peak performance.

  • Water pump servicing:
    The water pump is a critical cooling system component, circulating coolant throughout the engine. Trust us for complete water pump servicing, addressing leaks or wear to keep your engine cool and prevent overheating.

  • Inspection of hoses and clamps:
    Minor issues with hoses and clamps can lead to significant problems in the cooling system. Our meticulous inspection identifies potential weaknesses, and we replace or repair hoses and clamps as needed to prevent leaks and maintain system integrity.


The benefits of cooling system services


  • Preventing overheating:
    In the diverse climate of Duncan, where summers can be warm and winters chilly, your vehicle's cooling system plays a crucial part in preventing overheating. Regular maintenance ensures your engine stays cool, reducing the risk of breakdowns and costly repairs.

  • Extended engine life:
    A well-maintained cooling system contributes significantly to the longevity of your vehicle's engine. By keeping the engine temperature in check, you can minimize wear and tear on crucial components, ultimately extending the life of your engine.

  • Improved fuel efficiency:
    An efficiently operating cooling system contributes to better fuel efficiency. When your engine runs at a normal temperature, it performs more efficiently, resulting in improved fuel consumption. This saves you money at the pump and reduces your carbon footprint.


Here are some FAQs

  • How Often Should I Get an Oil Change?
    It's advised to change your oil every 5,000 to 7,500 kilometres. However, this can differ based on your vehicle's make, model, and driving conditions. Refer to your owner's manual for specific guidelines.
  • What Type of Oil Should I Use for My Vehicle?
    The type of oil depends on your vehicle's specifications and driving habits. Conventional, synthetic, and high-mileage oils are standard options. Our professionals can help you to choose the right oil for optimal performance.
  • Can I Extend the Period Between Oil Changes If I Don't Drive Much?
    Even if your vehicle is not driven frequently, changing the oil regularly is essential. Oil deteriorates over time, and contaminants can build up. Consider changing the oil at least once a year, even with low mileage.



“Excellent work. Know exactly what they're doing and very fair pricing. Would recommend to anyone”

- Darren L.

Hand of car mechanic technician use meter to check car air conditioner system


Connect with our team for services regarding the cooling system; they will answer your queries and schedule your appointment.

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